About Faisal Anwar: Virginia


Norfolk has one of the largest naval bases in the world.

Norfolk is a city in the Commonwealth of Virginia and as of 2013, the city had a population of around 245,000 people. This amount of people made it the second most populated city in Virginia right behind Virginia Beach. Norfolk is located in the center of thr Hamptons Roads metropolitan area. It’s called this because of the massive, natural harbor located in the Chesapeake Bay. It is one of the oldest cities in Hampton Roads, Norfolk is a historic city with a deeply rich history and background. According to popular opinion, Norfolk is seen as the historic, urban, financial and cultural core of the area.


Norfolk is the second most populated city in Virginia.

Norfolk is also the home of the largest naval base in the world- known as Naval Station Norfolk. The city is also home to the headquarters of Norfolk Southern Railway. Norfolk is surrounded by water- Norfolk offers many water front properties. It connects to neighboring cities via bridge tunnels, highways and bridges.

Norfolk History

In the early 1600s, SIr George Yeardley set up 4 cities for the colony of Virginia. Norfolk fell under the Elizabeth Cittie- which later became Elizabeth City Shire. By the late 17th century, Norfolk grew larger land wise and also became more populated. By the late 1700s, historians assert that Norfolk grew into the most prosperous city in Virginia during this time period. During the American Revolution, Norfolk served as a strong loyalist base.

When Norfolk was populated in the beginning, it mostly consisted of wood and frame construction- like most English style homes with thatch roofs and wide chimneys. Later, the architecture in Norfolk would switch to the Neoclassical style in the early period of the 19th century.


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