What Annoys Us Most On Airplanes

Faisal Anwar Virginia’s most recent post:

Ever boarded a flight and immediately heard a crying babysitting three rows behind you? None of us enjoy obnoxious noises or people on our flights, because sometimes they make flying absolutely unbearable. We’ve all seen the naughty children crawling over seats and kicking the seat we are in while we attempt to nap.

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In a recent Expedia.com poll, passengers chose the worst improprieties on airplanes.

A recent USA Today article discusses Expedia’s poll over who the most irritating flyers are.  Expedia surveyed 1001 Americans, giving them nineteen types of improprieties on airplanes. The flyers were asked to rank the obnoxious behavior based on what they find to be the most annoying. Expedia found that flyers chose “wimpy” parents as the worst and children who kicked chairs were found to be the second worst.

Flyers picked smelly passengers wearing too much perfume or those who have bad body odor as passengers they don’t want to sit next to on an airplane. 73% of passengers polled claimed that other talkative flyers were hard to sit next to as well.  Who blames them? Most flyers would love to have an entire row or two to themselves, but nowadays most flights are fully booked or overbooked. Other inappropriate flight behaviors determined by flyers included:

* Listening to music too loud.

* Reclining your chair at full tilt.

* Bringing too much carry-on luggage onto the flight.

* Elbowing your way down the aisle.

* Showing inappropriate levels of affection.

* Grabbing the seat in front of you.

* Boozing too much.

Luckily, there are some passengers who were polled who had good experiences with other passengers. In fact, 79% of flyers polled said they had positive conversations and experienced kindness from other passengers.

A large amount of flyers complained about that other passengers’ obnoxious phone calls were a big part of their bad flying experiences. On flights, passengers should be careful with their cell phone etiquette and never talk too loudly, talk for too long, partake in an argument or discuss inappropriate topics while still on the plane. Airlines still have banned flight cell phone use, but eventually some may allow it with a few key restrictions. When this happens, we will most likely have more than one new irritated passenger.

via Faisal Anwar Virginia http://faisalanwarvirginia.org/annoying-flights/


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