Tips For Finding Affordable Airline Tickets

Faisal Anwar Virginia’s most recent post:

Do you get irritated searching sites like Travelocity for a cheap airline ticket? If you’re anything like me, you frantically search the internet for the cheapest possible ticket months before your flight, and most of the time you still end up paying way more than you budgeted for.  What if your luck turned around and you stumbled across an affordable ticket? Not just affordable, but dirt cheap.  A ticket so cheap that you could fly to Hawaii first-class for under 100 dollars. That would be a miracle, right?


Customers recently purchased cheap tickets because of a fluke on Delta’s website.

Well, according to USA Today, for some lucky flyers this miracle became a reality when they began hunting for airline tickets through Delta. This past Thursday from around 10 am to noon, a number of flights offered on Delta’s website along with a few other sites were selling tickets from 25 to 80 dollars to destinations as far as Hawaii and for some first-class tickets. Obviously, Delta’s site was experiencing technical difficulties considering that most of the tickets priced so low would normally be around 400 dollars.  A few customers were able to cash into the fluke and buy cheap tickets before Delta corrected the problem. In September of this year, United Airlines faced a similar issue to Delta when they ended up selling tickets for 5 or 10 dollars.

Not all of us are as lucky as these Delta travelers were, so here are a few tips for finding affordable airline tickets to your vacation or work destination according to a recent Travel and Leisure article:

Search early. Don’t put off the ticket search for months in the future when you can start bargain hunting today. You’ll want to start gathering an idea of what you might be paying for.

Search at the right time. Look for tickets after midnight when airlines apparently update their websites with the tickets that were reserved but never actually purchased. If you are looking for a weekend flight, search the airline websites between Tuesday and Wednesday when weekend flight might become more affordable.

Check more than one date.  By using Orbitz and Travelocity for instance, you can see what your flight might cost in two days or in three months from now. Take advantage of this feature especially if your have a flexible vacation schedule.

Always Book through the airline’s website. Do yourself a favor and avoid those pesky booking fees on Orbitz!

via Faisal Anwar Virginia


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