Airline Ticket Costs Reportedly Are On The Rise

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You might think travel is tough now, but according to a USA Today article it’s about to be much more stressful with airline tickets on the verge of increasing. The United States House of Representatives has voted to cut spending on TSA in national airports, but the United States Senate still needs to vote on the issue. Apparently, USA Today reports that lawmakers would like to increase the security fees attached to airline ticket prices to five dollars and sixty cents each way per trip. Currently this fee is as low as two dollars and fifty cents per trip, so this in itself will negatively affect travelers.


Increased security fees will cause the price of airline tickets to rise.

USA Today reports that this increase per trip would add over twelve billion over the next decade to the government’s pocket. The government may support the additional fee, but airlines, on the the other hand, are in uproar over the potential consequences to airline business and to the industry overall.

Airlines for America has spoken out over the tax- complaining that airline customers are already over taxed- urging that the increased fee will negatively affect the economy and the airline business. Most anti-tax groups, like Club for Growth for instance, oppose the increased tax because it would inevitably expand the government’s size and reach.

Another tense argument arising between lawmakers and the government is deciding on who’s responsible for guarding the exit lanes. The airlines and airports mostly agree that the guarding of exit lanes should still remain the TSA’s responsibility. The TSA, however, would like the airlines and airports to take over these duties and costs. In transferring these expenses to the airports and to the airlines themselves, the TSA hopes to save over eighty million dollars annually.

For travelers, the burden of an increased tax and future fees are an unwelcome possibility, causing travel for the majority of Americans to be even more stressful than average. The argument between some lawmakers and the airlines most likely won’t be resolved anytime soon, so for most of us who enjoy traveling, we’ll have to wait and see what the outcome is and what it will cost us to fly.

via Faisal Anwar Virginia


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