Millennials Changing the Face of Travel

Faisal Anwar Virginia’s most recent post:

It’s no wonder that the generation of young people who grew up in front of computers and cell phones are


Millennials are embracing emerging technology in the travel sector as well as the rest of their lives.

now becoming more independent travelers.  Smartphone technology, online booking, and other modern conveniences have ushered in a new era of travel that is being embraced by millennials at a higher rate than other generations of travelers.

A recent Economist article entitled The Automated Passenger talks about some of the specific ways the maturing generation is using to make travel easier and less reliant on customer service of airlines and hotels.

Studies have found that millennials are much more comfortable than older generations at booking and planning travel on their smartphones.  This on-the-go mentality has also reached into the way they are enjoying their vacations.  Baby boomers, for example, are more likely to draw hard lines between work and vacation, while millennials are more willing to check emails on the train to their next destination for example.

One of the major implications for the travel industry is put very eloquently in the article. The Economist says the future of travel will be providing travelers with “something” that helps you on your trails, rather than “someone.”  This is a far cry from the days of travel agents, printed boarding passes, and paper itineraries.

Besides being more comfortable using technology to book and plan travel, the millennial generation is also increasingly independent once at their destination.  Where ten years ago a non-local may be forced to hire a tour guide, or at the very least consult the hotel concierge, younger travelers are consulting travel review websites and online guidebooks to decide where to go and what to see.  Local navigation is also becoming increasingly easy with the availability of turn by turn directions expanding almost daily to many parts of the world.

When asked for a vision of the future of travel, travel heavyweight said they envision passengers walking seamlessly through security at airports, hotel check-ins, and other headache inducing travel obstacles.  Whatever the future of travel may be, it seems clear that it will involve technology and will probably much more convenient, if a little less personal.

via Faisal Anwar Virginia


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