Cure for Lyme Disease on the Way?

Faisal Anwar’s latest blog:


New research may be on the right track to curing Lyme disease caused by deer ticks.

A recent study conducted at Stony Brook University in conjunction with Brookhaven national Laboratory and Baxtor International Inc. pushes towards a vaccination for Lyme disease.  Medical News Today has the details here.


The study was conducted on 300 subjects living in Germany and Austria. The test consisted of three primary immunizations and one booster. The effects of the immunizations with different dozes triggered an immune result to the vaccine which created significant anti-bodies against all species of Borrelia.

Borrelia is genus of bacteria that is known to cause a disease transmitted primarily by ticks known more commonly as Lyme disease. The challenge for scientists was to find a vaccine for all species of the bacteria. With the recent vaccine showing promise in many of the subjects, this could lead to a cure. Ospa proteins were bioengineered to create a new species called chimera. The Ospa proteins were shown to protect against a broad spectrum of Lyme disease Spirochetes.

Of course it is also important to protect against getting Lyme disease in the first place. The disease is transmitted by infected Ixodes dammini ticks, which are commonly found in grassy areas, woodlands and shrubs. To help protect against exposure to the ticks and the potential disease, individuals should guard themselves by avoiding these areas. Other precautions include applying anti-tick sprays, regularly checking the skin, putting Acaricide applicants around the house, being more cautious around peak seasons and checking with local authorities about any outbreaks.

Recent studies show that the rate of Lyme disease in the US is growing. That is why the possibility for a vaccine is even more crucial. The side effects of Lyme disease can sometimes go unnoticed by the carrier so regular checks are important. Animals are also carriers of the disease transferring ticks and therefore should be checked as well.

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