About Faisal Anwar

Born in a rural part of Bangladesh, Faisal Anwar moved to the United States when he was only in kindergarten. Although only 5 years-old, Faisal managed to learn how to speak his native language of Bangla- a part of his country he continued to carry with him to the United States.


Faisal Anwar lives in Virginia and is a past medical student and is currently a physician.

Immediately upon relocating to the United States, Faisal noticed the amount of freedom and mental and physical space the United States provided him. Faisal noticed how much cleaner, fresher and more stable the air was in the states in comparison to in Bangladesh. In the United States, Faisal Anwar began creating many lasting relationships and friendships with the people he met. Making new friends caused Faisal to want to help people and in doing so he began counseling other students at his local school and he also began mediating students’ issues with each other. Faisal then began volunteering at hospitals and immediately realized that his long-term goals was to become a doctor.

His career path began when he started studying Chemistry at George Mason in Fairfax. He then attended Eastern Virginia Medical School located in Norfolk, VA.In Faisal’s eyes, Norfolk was perfect and he quickly appreciated the city’s culture, range of activities and the city’ s rich history. Besides serving people in the medical field, Faisal loves traveling and flying airplanes.


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